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Neurofolin is a food for special medical purposes for the dietary support of depression management. It contains 15 mg of L-methylfolate, an active form of folate known to be deficient in individuals with depressive disorders, and helps nutritionally support mood regulation.

Neurofolin can be used together with your current antidepressant therapy as advised by your healthcare professional.

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Medical Disclaimer
Neurofolin is the only medical food for dietary support of depression management and should be used under medical supervision.


This website is for people living with depression or their carers.

This website contains information about depression and Neurofolin, a Food for Special Medical Purposes for the dietary management of depression. Neurofolin must be used under medical supervision.

You must seek advice from your doctor, nurse, pharmacist or dietician if you are unsure of your condition or diagnosis or if you would like to use Neurofolin.

The information, opinions and recommendations presented on this website are not intended to replace the care of your own doctor, nurse, pharmacist or dietician. Please see full website Terms and Conditions.

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